Brittany Lynch, RN, BScN, CSC Presents: Stepqueen by The Whole Stepfamily

A High-Achieving Stepmom’s Advice To Avoid Burnout

Why “Do Less, Better” has become this high-achieving stepmom’s newest and most favourite personal mantra. One problem with us high-achieving Stepmoms is that – for us – “doing less” feels about as uncomfortable as that time your mom had one-too-many white wine spritzers and told you just, exactly how (& when & where) you were […]

The Ugly Truth About Your Stepkids’ Mom

(it’s probably most definitely not what you think…) A few days ago, I was at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned. The dental hygienist was knuckle-deep in a coffee stain when she casually started venting to me about her son’s stepmom. (Spoiler alert: she did not know that I am, in fact, the Stepqueen. She […]

6 BOMB Skills Stepmothers Have that Give them the GRIT for Entrepreneurship

Grab your laptop, baby, we’re heading to the Caribbean. I know what you’re thinking — FINALLY, this Stepfamily can make me some bleepin’ money! (Credit to H for her witty sass.) If you’re a Stepmom who’s already done the legwork, and you don’t live in that cesspool of drama and negativity of early Stepfamily Life, […]