Brittany Lynch Presents: Stepqueen by The Whole Stepfamily

What Makes a Wicked Stepmom, Wicked? Part 1

Rory and I were driving to school. Rory is the type of kid who never stops, ever. He wakes up at 5 am and operates on full tilt until bedtime. And even in the car when we drive, even though he’s restrained and strapped into a car seat, he still chatterboxes. It requires a lot […]

The Real Way To Get What You Want In Your Stepfamily (& Life)

I’m in a season of life right now that, don’t get me wrong I’m super grateful for, and that also demands a lot of my time and attention and emotional and physical and psychological resources. and while the responsibility can certainly feel overwhelming at times when I choose to get into overwhelm, I’m also in […]

StepQueen Sar

Hi there friend! I’m the new kid on the block here at the Stepqueen Palace. So let me start this one off by introducing myself: My name is Sarah. I’m currently working as a stepmom coach through the Stepmom Story with Brittany Lynch. I live in Ontario, Canada with my partner Luke and my two […]