Brittany Lynch, RN, BScN, CSC Presents: Stepqueen by The Whole Stepfamily

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Krista Confer

Stepmom in united states

The Stepmom Story program is worth every penny…

Before joining the Stepmom Story, I had a lot of resentment… Towards Bio-Mom, my stepson and my husband. I also felt like I had no value, and that I had no place in the family dynamic. I was negative about everything that happened.

Since joining the program, I don’t feel triggered and unhappy all the time! I’m able to think through situations and not let them ruin my evening or turn into a fight with my husband.

Weigh your options. Remain miserable and fight with your spouse or make an investment, put in the work, and find some true happiness!

This mentorship was WAY cheaper than a divorce!

KRISTA C. Stepmom of 1 -- Solved: Resentment, Outsider-Syndrome, Fights with Husband

Sarah Gale

Stepmom in canada

Investing in myself and my family was priceless and completely worth every penny. Knowing what I know now, I’d join even if I wasn’t a stepmom that’s how much it changed my life.

There is no other stepmom community comparable to the Stepmom Story. It’s a real group of women who actually WANT to be happy and WANT to do the work to become the best versions of themselves. Plus the fact that it’s a lifetime subscription means we’re all here for each other for every new phase you enter in life.

I passionately believe all stepmoms could use the tools provided in this program whether you’re already content with your stepfamily life or you’re hanging on by a thread, either way it will change you.

My biggest struggle prior to joining the Stepmom Story was major jealousy over having to share my partner’s attention with his kids. The jealousy led to tantrums, resentment and an overall discomfort in our home for everyone.

But now, I actually enjoy being around my stepkids since learning how to cope with triggers. I feel like a completely different person. I don’t throw stepmom tantrums, or get jealous anymore. I don’t make up excuses to avoid my family anymore.

I am so much happier now. My life has literally transformed in every single aspect. I’ve healed so many deep personal wounds that I didn’t even know existed, I’ve learned strategies to stay mindful in super stressful situations, and I’ve gone from mountains of debt to owning a home and having extra money in the bank.

Lindsey McGaffey

stepmom in canada

The Stepmom Story has provided the guidance and direction to spark many shifts in my life. One of which is the shift back towards self love & knowing my self-worth.

This program also provides a safe environment for stepmoms to feel supported and to know they’re not alone.

Before I joined the Stepmom Story, some of my biggest struggles were triggers, feeling unappreciated and unseen in my home, fear of abandonment/my fiance leaving, feeling like second choice. I have always put everyone else before myself – making sure everyone else’s needs are met, their feelings are okay, silencing my own voice.

Now, I’m aware of the negative cycle… conscious of the trap of overthinking and worrying.

The awareness that our dynamics not only as a second wife and stepmom, but also in our friendships, families, work environments – choices in career and previous relationships – are all attached to our belief systems and the stories we have written into our life based off all our previous experiences, including all the way back to childhood.

LINDSEY M. Stepmom of 2 -- Solved: People-Pleasing, Burnout, Outsider Syndrome


Stepmom in united states

I don’t ever want to go back to where I was in life before joining the Stepmom Story.

There isn’t a price tag that you could put on this program for what it has done for my life, my family, and my marriage.

The Story has completely changed my life. I have recommended it to all of my stepmom friends, but one thing I’ve found is that you have to really want to change your life. Not just say that you want it. You have to really truly want it.

If you don’t put in the work, then you will remain right where you started.

This program has changed my life and I will be forever grateful for the group of women in this community. I have done so much healing since starting this program and I can honestly say that I don’t think my marriage would have made it if it wasn’t for joining.

Before I joined the Stepmom Story, my husband and I were never on the same page. We were living like roommates after being together for 7 years. There were lots of lies and broken trust. I felt like I was walking on eggshells and got to the point of regularly wanting to move out of my house when my my stepchild was with us.

I was depressed. I felt like a stranger in my own home and felt so alone. I didn’t think that anyone could ever understand what I was going through. I thought that something was wrong with me for feeling the way that I did and I had so much guilt because of it. My husband was not supportive. My stepchild wanted nothing to do with me and always wanted to remind me that they didn’t want me to be around.

My husband and I had joined our financial accounts about a year before I joined and we rarely agreed on anything with money. It was a very sore subject between us. I figured that my husband was going to completely disagree with spending that much and I really didn’t want to get into another fight with him.

But, since joining, my husband and I have come so far and are the happiest we have ever been in our relationship. We are also on the same page financially now, which I never thought would be possible.

My stepchild and I still have our moments, but things are so much better than they have ever been. I used to think things like “if xyz happens, then I’m really going to move out this time”. I no longer have to plot when I will be moving out because I no longer feel like that could ever be the right answer. My husband and I are planning for our future and I cannot thank Brittany enough for everything she has done for my family and I.

NICKY V. Stepmom of 2 -- Solved: Difficulty Bonding, Hopelessness

Nicky V

Stepmom in south africa

I was in a constant turmoil as to whether I was “cut out” for stepmom life, and whether I would actually be able to make it through the next few years. It felt like my life was very much in two parts – the times when the kids were with us, and the rest of the time. And I only felt like I could be who I really am – be myself – and say and do things authentically during the time when it was just myself and my partner. I had a constant knot of anxiety in my chest when the kids were with us.

Perhaps the biggest shift for me – and by far the most important – is having the knowledge that I actually CAN have the happily ever after story. Before, I was just overwhelmed by miserable thoughts of “this is my life with stepkids – so swallow it and accept it; or leave and get out.” I thought those were the only two options. So the biggest change for me is that I now have hope. And that is MASSIVE in my world!

This is an investment in yourself! It’s not an investment in your family only – the principles we learn here and the relationships we forge with other beautiful stepmom souls go far wider and grow you as a person. Hugely!


Stepmom in united states

Your Stepmom Story is a fantastic program, and there’s no one that will speak the language of your soul better than Brittany Lynch. I requested to join the Story after I had already had a coach and my fiancé & I also had a couple’s therapist; yet, I found that still I just didn’t feel 100% comfortable in my own home no matter what I did. What I really wanted was guidance and direction. Brittany didn’t just listen to me vent for an hour & then give me a worksheet for the “triggers” like my other experiences. She really fricken takes the time to help find the “why” and the “how” because she’s been there! Need I say more? Ok.

Fast forward to today; being a part of a group of gals navigating this stepfamily life together in a positive way has opened my eyes to “A whole new world” (literally, I can hear the song in my head) of opportunities. I’ve only been in the Story since April 2021 but I promise you, and honestly mean it, Brittany Lynch has helped me change huge parts of my life! – And I’ve only just begun.

My biggest struggles before joining the Story were over-giving and feeling under-appreciated by everyone involved. I was really hurt by how much lack of control I felt like I now had over my own life. Sad because things weren’t blending the way I imagined (bff’s with the ex & being included).

The only hesitation I had about joining was my deep rooted lack of trust. I didn’t want to be swindled, but I was ready. I’m glad I took that leap of faith. It was everything.

Follow your intuition. Not your doubts.

Anne Greenstreet

stepmom in united states

If you are really ready to make change in your life, this is the way to do it. My self growth has been astounding since starting this work. It just keeps going. You get what you put into it, of course, but if you put in the work and really are committed to growth, you will be amazed. Also, the value I have gotten for my money is insane

Initially, I wasn’t sure if I wanted a group option or individual coaching or therapy. Now that I’m a member of the Stepmom Story, I am SO GLAD to be a part of the group. Seeing how other women are processing and rising above challenges is nearly always applicable in your own life.

We encourage each other, and it feels great to know that there are others who are experiencing similar things as me who are also working so hard on themselves to rise above the issues. I also LOVE to root for them and give them support.

Before I joined the Stepmom Story, it sounds morbid, but most of my life was holding my breath and wishing it would hurry up and I could just be old so I could be done with these problems.

I was overthinking my whole life, stressing about how to act with the kids, unsure of my role, super awkward around them a lot of the time because I was so self conscious about how to act. I basically just wanted to hide, and meanwhile, when I’d try to communicate how difficult this was for me to my husband, we couldn’t truly understand each other and I lived in a cycle of breakdowns, becoming distant, and stuffing emotions down.

But now, I can be present with my husband. This is continuously evolving. I’m actually now experiencing a renewed sense of wanting to have fun with my husband!

I feel like I can be myself in my house. I don’t worry at all about kid days. Only need to know from a planning perspective. Every now and then I have a truly wonderful conversation with one of my stepchildren and I marvel about how I could never have had that conversation before. I am no longer afraid (in a social anxiety way) to be alone with my stepson. I now help my stepkids and give to them from a place of truly wanting to give to them.

And I can also recognize when my energy is drained and I need to protect it.

PLUS, I SOLVED the horror of doing dishes!!!!!!

ANNE G. Stepmom of 2 -- Solved: Awkward Exchanges w Stepchildren, Feeling Out-Of-Place, Communication w Husband
KRISTI S. Stepmom of 2 -- Solved: Stepmom Anxiety, Doing Everything With No Appreciation

Kristi Strang

Stepmom in Canada

Before I joined the Stepmom Story, I was so stressed out from taking on way more than I should have that I was close to a breakdown. My anxiety was through the roof and I was very resentful of my boyfriend. I absolutely could not see the light at the end of the tunnel and was pretty sure it would never get better.

Since joining the Stepmom Story, my anxiety has gone from a 10/10 to a 5/10 on bad days and 2/10 on good ones. I have learned the skills to better myself which in turn betters my life. I have gained a community of women who are amazing and all completely understand where I’m coming from. Honestly, the Story has changed my life and I couldn’t be more grateful for Brittany and the girls!

I truly believe that Brittany changed my life for the better! Her positive outlook and ability to be be real make it so easy to relate to her and make you want to be better. She doesn’t sugarcoat things, but tells you the honest truth in the kindest way possible. Her clients are all truly amazing women and there isn’t a better mentor out there.

Plus you get more from Brittany and the Story than just stepmom advice. You get the tools to be a better, stronger, happier person in general. What more could you possibly ask for?

Amanda Hine

stepmom in United States

Before joining the Stepmom Story, I was filled with anxiety every time my husband’s phone rang or his ex showed up at our house.

I was filled with resentment for not being appreciated for everything I do for my husband, his son, and his ex. I was honestly, just a miserable mess who didn’t feel like herself anymore.

But I have noticed a huge shift since joining the Story! I no longer feel resentment because I have learned to say yes only when it feels right, not because I feel like I have to just to keep peace. I’m not perfect yet, but I can notice when I’m making choices that feel in alignment with me. I no longer feel massive anxiety when the ex calls because I have been able to set a boundary that has removed me from conversations that don’t pertain to me. I could go on and on! But overall, I feel like me again!

If you’re considering joining our community, you won’t regret it!

AMANDA H. Stepmom of 1 -- Solved: Resentment, Anxiety, Doing Too Much For No Appreciation

Julie MacDonald

Stepmom in Canada

Before I joined the Stepmom Story, it was a constant battle in my mind of “them” instead of “me,” or “her” instead of “me.” Of feeling jealous that I don’t get to share in firsts, and in wondering if I’d ever measure up or have a real place.

It was a constant search for resources to help. And sometimes other resources would validate my feelings, which kind of helped, but mostly they sent me on a downward “what about me” spiral.

After the Healing From Your Partners Past workshop and learning Brittany’s approach, having tried almost every other subscription or forum membership, I knew this was the way for me.

I get so much more value in this program than I expected – just in my personal growth and development, never mind all I get in my role as a stepmom.

April Rose

Stepmom in Australia

Before I joined the Stepmum Story, I was a very angry, frustrated, secluded stepmum who wasn’t particularly fond of my lifestyle. I felt helpless to relate to my stepchildren, to look forward to seeing them and to just be around them in general.

I felt alone, unsupported, crazy and like I was going to have a mental breakdown sooner or later but I didn’t want it to come to that.

Now, I don’t get as much anxiety when I know the kids are coming over. I am able to identify more triggers based around the children, and am able to look at situations from different perspectives.

I’ve learnt a lot about myself and my stepchildren and how they psychologically work and understand. I’ve learnt I’m not insane and every thought I ever had, another stepmum has definitely had which is a huge relief.

The support of the group has been absolutely amazing as well as the support of Brittany.

This is definitely the most effective coaching group I have ever been in. It will change your life and even though the fee can seem scary, it’s a lifelong program and what price can you put on your mental health long term?


Stepmom in United States

Other stepmom resources might help with stepmom problems – on the surface type issues, but the Stepmom Story ends up helping you as a whole person in ways that spread to other areas of your life.

I spent nearly a year sifting through stepmom materials and coaches on social media, but I’ve found Brittany to be the most authentic, honest, direct and highly relatable out of everyone.

Hearing other stepmom coaches tip toe around stepmom struggles in hopes of being upbeat and “safe” did not help me at all and usually made me feel worse. The fact that she tells her experiences straight up is rare in social media and absolutely is priceless…I feel like she truly gets it and has truly been there just like me.

I couldn’t face the thought of NOT joining… since Brittany’s message and work seemed to pull at me and seemed like the type of work I needed to dive into, work that would actually help me feel better. My gut told me THIS was what I needed.

Before I joined the Stepmom Story, my life looked like constant ruminating about my stepfamily life, fear and anxiety about the future and the future of my marriage. I was highly insecure and ashamed of my negative feelings for my stepmom role.

But now, I’m no longer a full time victim of my own thoughts and feelings. I understand that you don’t always have to accept whatever your mind is serving up at the moment. I’ve gotten way better at directing myself away from negative thought spirals.

This work has helped me communicate with my husband better and understand our reactions to each other more rationally. I’ve learned we both have a very different experience and different feelings about our family dynamic, and that we both have the right to feel and experience it the way we do without making the other wrong. We can feel differently about his kids and parenting and that’s not a five alarm crisis. 😆

Karianne Melquist

Stepmom in United States

Before the Story, my biggest struggles were insecurity, anger, fear, and resentment. I hated my husband’s ex wife because I felt their relationship which bore 4 children would always be more sacred than our marriage.

But now, I am feeling love for myself. I’m identifying triggers and dealing with them.

Support is imperative. Being a stepmom elicited dark feelings at a deep tribal level.

I could have never worked through [my struggles] without the guidance and support of the Stepmom Story. And the work will never be done.


Stepmom in United States

This program, Your Stepmom Story, is one of a kind. You won’t find anything else like it out there. Believe me I’ve looked!

I’d joined other stepfamily Facebook groups in hopes of feeling like I wasn’t alone, but always felt worse after spending time in them. My husband said they were toxic for me. I felt like he was tired of talking about his ex and what “could” happen in the future. I knew I needed somewhere else to go for advice and a listening ear.

As a Jehovah’s Witness I was worried that the advice and direction in the program might not line up with my Bible trained conscience. But now that I’m a member, I think having these resources for a lifetime will be more beneficial to me than I even realize yet, and in more settings than just my stepfamily.

I think we’ve all realized that life can change overnight, and having healthy coping mechanisms and skills to add to my arsenal of resources for a rainy day is invaluable.

Before I joined the Stepmom Story, I felt like no one really understood what I was going through and the struggles I was facing, especially the ones in my own head.

I felt doomed to being stressed out and anxious about nearly everything for the foreseeable future.

I had one very large issue I struggled with for many years. After I joined the program, Brittany helped me work through it in a very reasonable way that finally stuck. That made my husband incredibly thankful!

I have gotten better at not ruminating for as long as I used to. I have implemented new routines in my family to help me keep my own inner peace and these have been beneficial not only to me but also for my hubby and stepdaughter. For example,

1. I joined a gym

2. Every Wednesday evening is now daddy/daughter night and I get the night off to do whatever I want

3. Our spare bedroom is now set up as an oasis for me when I need a safe space to disappear to

4. My stepdaughter is back in public school and I’m no longer in charge of regulating or monitoring school work!!!


Stepmom in New Zealand

Before I joined the Stepmum Story, I found myself feeling isolated in the challenges I faced as a stepmum, and feeling I had lost my sense of empowered self.

But now, I feel a sense of affinity and belonging in the group. I feel more spacious in my role as a stepmum and that I am holding on less tightly. There is more space generally for me to consider my response. I am sweating the small stuff less.

My hesitation about joining is that I wasn’t sure if it was ‘too late’ as my stepsons are older. I wasn’t sure if I would feel like an outsider in the group.

If I could offer any words of wisdom to a stepmom on the fence about joining the Stepmom Story, I’d say:

Do it!

DOROTHEE C. Stepmom of 1 -- Solved: Isolation, Loneliness, Communication

Dorothee Corrigan

Stepmom in Canada

Before I joined the Stepmom Story, I had issues seeing a future for us. Things were hard. I was not sure where we would go from here.

Since joining the Stepmom Story, I see a brighter future! I feel validated and have found some friends with the same struggles I was/am in and I love how we can all openly discuss problems amongst each other ❤️

I have learned to look forward and set goals. I am working hard to get them and I am super motivated and positive 🎁