you deserve to not feel like an intruder in your own home

I help stepmoms connect, integrate & find peace . want me to help you do that?

what i do

I help stepmoms establish themselves as valued, respected, and included members of their blended families, so that the past doesn’t overshadow the future.

I work with stepmoms who deeply love their partners, but...

Feel left out, like an outsider, almost always coming second to the "First Family"

Don't know how to deal with their stepkids, and have started distancing themselves as a result

Experience overwhelming feelings of jealousy, resentment, insecurity, or awkwardness

Keep having the same arguments about the same problems over and over and over again.

Are sick of feeling like they live a double life

Feel their stomach drop & heart race every time their partner's phone dings

Two words: Transition Day

Worry that the milestones they share with their partner will be less special, since their partner has already "been there done that" with someone else

Can't help but wonder if they've been robbed of any chance of living a normal, happy life



instead of stress & anxiety

Having an arsenal of potent, nourishing practices that support your Body, Mind & Soul, so that you can feel calm, safe, and understood in the face of stepfamily conflict.

Instead of wondering if you're cut out to be a stepmom

Becoming so grateful for the healing, growth, and perspective that only a stepfamily can provide, that you are certain that this path was your destiny.


here's what my clients say about my method

Here's the 4-phase framework I use to do that

My Stepmom Coaching Philosophy has been built over the past 8 years in the trenches as a stepmother — the last 5 of those have been in practice as a certified Stepfamily Counselor.

That, plus a decade-long career as a Registered Nurse, has led me to develop an obsession about the human Mind, and to discover the most effective ways to eliminate unnecessary suffering in stepfamily relationships. 

I support my clients with a wide variety of modalities including Mindfulness-Based Interventions, Somatic Therapies, and Emotional + Energetic Work, which I combine with the practical aspects of stepfamily functioning: boundaries, communication, conflict resolution, and relationship-building, to name a few.

This integrated, holistic approach, invites Stepmoms to cultivate optimal wellness in themselves, so that they can show up to their stepfamily relationships with an open heart, compassion, and empathy — missing ingredients in any dysfunctional stepfamily dynamic.

Typically, there are 4 phases that lead to a stepmom’s authentic integration with her stepfamily:


Phase 1

Assess your health, wellness, quality of life, and the state of your relationships, so that you know where to focus.


Phase 2

Protect your time, energy & money by implementing our Body Mind & Soul tools, practices, and rituals.


Phase 3

Untangle unhealthy or unhelpful patterns of self-sabotage, ineffective communication, or negative coping skills.


Phase 4

Honor the losses you’ve experienced by becoming a stepmom, by building a life you love living.