Brittany Lynch, RN, BScN, CSC Presents: Stepqueen by The Whole Stepfamily

What Makes A Wicked Stepmom, Wicked? Part 2

Mark your calendars! The next Uplifted Stepmom 3-Part Workshop Series is starting February 24, 2022!

If we, as stepmoms are going to change the narrative around stepmoms being evil, then we need to know exactly what is it that makes a wicked stepmom, wicked?

Join your host, Stepfamily Counsellor Brittany Lynch, BScN, as she explores the questions many stepmoms have but that nobody wants to talk about…

In the second and final part of this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The unintentional ways that good intentions can lead good stepmoms straight to Wicked
  • How the perceptions and judgments of loved ones directly or indirectly influence most stepmoms’ behaviours
  • If you’re prone to people-pleasing, appeasing, or conflict-avoidant tendencies
  • The irony of trying to be liked
  • What Cinderella’s stepmom might be like in 2022

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