Brittany Lynch, RN, BScN, CSC Presents: Stepqueen by The Whole Stepfamily

Why so many stepmoms feel unappreciated (& what to do if you do too)

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One of the biggest mistakes I see stepmoms making over and over and over again is believing that the more they give to their spouse and stepkids, the more appreciated they’ll feel.

But in fact, usually it’s the stepmoms who give the MOST who end up feeling the most UNAPPRECIATED!

So what gives? Why do so many stepmoms feel so unappreciated? Why do so many stepmoms feel like they’re invisible? And if this is you, then what the BEEP can you do about it?

In this episode find out:

The truth about where the “need to give” comes from

The underlying motives behind giving

The hard truth about whose responsibility it is to appreciate you and how

The STEPS you can take so that you can move from stressed to blessed.

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